A handful of earth


Sunday 14th July 2013 Stroud

10.30am – 5pm  £45 + lunch to share

A pilot group event with Iona Fredenburgh


This group will be a maximum of 12 people, interested to explore the relationship we have with the earth where we live, including the stories, thoughts and feelings that we have. Unfolding these experiences, including those that are troublesome, enables a deeper connection that can inspire,  resource and support us in living together on a small planet. We may find surprising experiences of coming home, and insights about the way all our diverse stories belong together.


You are invited to bring a handful of earth from where you live. 

We will each explore our relationship with it in an everyday way, and also using our more dreamlike awareness. We’ll use simple awareness skills and ‘beginner’s mind’ to explore the unknown, and bring back something useful for our everyday selves. You may be surprised at how close, accessible and meaningful our ‘otherworldly’ experiences can be.


About Iona: I am a Process Work therapist, trainer and facilitator. I’m a faculty member of RSPOPUK, the UK training organisation for Process Work:  www.rspopuk.com  I offer a monthly Process Work Study Group in Stroud. I’m passionate about sharing ways to reconnect and strengthen our relationship with nature and our own nature, because of the difference it can make to how we live. Process Work for me continues a lineage of shamanic practice that enhances the collective.


If you are interested in participating, please contact me by 6th July: 

Iona Fredenburgh email: iona@me.com phone: 07590 567350


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